The writer advocates a Japanese practise of drinking 1.26 litres of water first thing in the morning

Water is what makes life possible on earth. Just as a delicate balance needs to be maintained between earth and water on Planet Earth, so our body also needs a certain level of hydration. Two-thirds of our body is water, and as health professionals state, one can live without food for some time, but not without water.

A primary function of drinking water is to help the body flush out waste and to maintain an optimum temperature, protect and moisturise organs and our skin, help in digestion, muscle contraction, and in transportation of minerals and nutrients through the body. A number of critical functions depend on our water intake.

We lose some water every day through our breath, perspiration, urine, bowel movement and other bodily functions, and this has to be replaced to maintain the aqua balance in the body. So, consuming adequate water throughout the day is a must through food and fluids. Some beverages like alcohol and coffee end up dehydrating us, so don’t consider them as water sources. A glass of ordinary plain water is the best. 

The Japanese have a simple method of drinking water first thing in the morning and you can try this method of water therapy, easily. This is for your early morning routine only. For the rest of the day, have your regular amount of water that meets your needs. You will soon begin to feel better and healthier.

The Japan Sickness Association recommends this water therapy to cure ailments and restore your body to good health. It says that you must drink 1.26 litres of water every morning without long gaps before cleaning the mouth or teeth. Don’t consume anything for 45 minutes after you have this early morning dose of water. This might take a few days of regular practise to incorporate into your daily routine, but once incorporated, this method of water consumption can purify the body and strengthen the immune system. It also heals chronic diseases like constipation, diabetes, hypertension and digestive disorders.

Amar Kumar

Just remember that this water therapy is in addition to the water that you will drink through the day based on your individual requirement as usual. 

If you practise some kind of sadhana designed to release toxins, then this water therapy makes your practise even more effective. For instance, Reiki practitioners can combine this water therapy to their practice to make it more beneficial. Reiki releases toxins from our body, and drinking water flushes them out. For the rest of the day, sip water as usual at regular intervals. 

Listen to your body. It has its own way to tell you what it needs. The feeling of thirst and the colour of urine are indicators for us to reach out for that health-giving glass of water. 

On an exceptionally hot day, or after vigorous activity or exercise, the body may require more water than usual. So keep yourself well-hydrated, according to your needs. Don’t wait till you are thirsty; find a way to remind yourself to drink water regularly. For instance, keep a water bottle on your office desk or at a counter at home or in the car to remind yourself to drink it through the day. 

The recommendations are to drink water at least a half hour before your meals or half hour after your meals. If you need water with your meals, sip a little warm water.

Drink a glass before and after exercising. To make sure you have enough water, buy bigger glasses. Take regular water breaks or even set a reminder. Choose any method that works for you, as long as it reminds you to drink water regularly. Let us not forget that one of the easiest steps we can take to improve our health and nutrition is ensuring that we drink enough water. No wonder that water is called the ‘elixir of life’.

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