Who would have thought that life would change so dramatically? It has been over two months that we have been locked up in our homes, cooking, cleaning, working from home, cut off from our friends and in some cases, even from family. It has not been easy and has taken a physical as well as an emotional toll on our health. 

Constant change is the truth of life―we all know this, but most of us still find it difficult to adjust to these changes. The inability to accept and flow with the tide, causes stress, and this can lead to serious mental as well as physical health issues. It weakens our immune system and makes us vulnerable to psychosomatic diseases. The result can be depression, insomnia, anxiety and fear.

Reiki healing can be a big support in this time of crisis. Reiki  simply means life force energy―the basic form of which creates and sustains life. It is a holistic divine healing process that works at physical, mental and spiritual levels. Medical doctors agree that science attempts to address only biological problems, but we need to heal at many different levels. 

Reiki uses the infinite energy in the universe around us, channelising it within ourselves to balance us and bring us in equilibrium with the cosmos. It removes negative energy, making us positive, peaceful, free from anxiety, stress and depression. As we feel more in harmony with ourselves, it leads to a feeling of well-being, and helps to make our immune system stronger. 

Reiki can be targeted at specific areas of the body for specific problems, including chronic diseases like diabetes, blood pressure, and cancer. During these times, when the threat of the coronavirus hangs in the air, Reiki energy given to the thymus gland helps in making our immune system stronger. In case of an emergency situation during lockdown when no medical attention is available, it can be very helpful for physical injuries, coughs and colds, fever and even pain. All can be effectively managed with Reiki. 

Regular Reiki healing will charge the house with positive energy and family members will be able to face this difficult situation peacefully with inner strength and a positive outlook for the future. 

Those who learn the simple technique of Reiki get empowered to use and transfer this life force energy of Reiki to themselves and to others for healing. Healing is simply done by placing your hands on the person who is ill. You can even do distance healing.

Reiki is completely harmless. It needs no invasive technique or ingestion of medicine. All it needs is your two hands and the right intention. It can facilitate ongoing treatment as it simply uses energy around us for healing.

A reiki master can help you learn the technique in a two-day class, where you are attuned to channelise life force energy. After attunement, you will be able to feel the energy on your palms. Your palms will get warm or be full of sensation. There is no scientific explanation for this physical sensation. After just 21 days of self-treatment, you can do an advanced course that can help you heal a diseased person even from a distance.

Think how useful this can be to treat a patient who has Covid-19. You can use  the distance Reiki healing method everywhere. Even people in quarantine or those who have tested positive can avail Distance Reiki healing from a qualified Reiki practitioner. It is simple and can be used to heal both physical and mental problems.

Covid 19 has caused so many of us to reconsider our lifestyle and our choices. Perhaps we should also use this time to heal ourselves. Use all this abundant energy around us to harmonise your mind, body and spirit with nature. 

Amar Kumar is a  Reiki Grand Master based in Kolkata. For more details, visit www.reikikendra.com.