A high spiritual quotient leads to healthy and profitable actions at the workplace, says DR SANJAY TEOTIA

For people to understand their world and give their life a meaning and a reason for their existence while also shaping their ethical, moral beliefs, attitudes and values, it is necessary to veer towards spirituality. This is what determines ethical decision-making in the work that you do.

Business transactions might be the sole purpose of your business, but along with it, spiritual transactions happen daily between employees and your business clients. Only when you have a spiritual outlook towards life will your exchanges with others be based on spiritual and ethical values, including honesty, trust, respect and compassion. When you integrate these at your workplace with your business transactions, then the outcome will be definitely spiritual. It will manifest as integrity, morality, and good quality work. People in such organizations treat their colleagues in an affectionately,  yet responsible way.

When your workplace ethics are marked by spirituality, you will recognise that your employees have an inner life that in turn must be nourished by meaningful work in the context of community. Such a frame of mind can only come naturally to those who are committed to enhancing harmony and peaceful co-existence at their workplace. When this is a given, the work environment automatically enhances spiritual consciousness and intellectual growth.

In addition, such an environment develops ethical leaders at the workplace and it reflects in a disciplined daily organizational routine. Spirituality influences leaders to nurture their employees. The objective of workplace spirituality is to impact employees positively so that they reach their highest potential and have beneficial interactions with the universe. Take it as a sign of better times to come, but people are now aware of spiritual concepts at the workplace and this has uplifted the consciousness and sense of ethical responsibility among corporate citizens.

This has promoted a sense of responsibility within employees and impacted the overall development of productivity as well as organizational growth of the company.

Dr Sanjay Teotia

Now, let us look at the bigger picture. In a country where small and big businesses are ethically run, chances are that these values will also be shared by the people who are in charge of the economic and political systems of the nation. If their leaders have a moral spirit that is twisted and broken, then destruction strikes at the root of all social systems and structures.

The new name for such a system run on spiritual values is termed as ‘conscious commerce’ and it needn’t necessarily be coloured by religious precepts of any kind.

Thankfully, this trend is growing and we are moving into an age of work and business where inspired people and organizations focus on values. The objective of workplace spirituality is to help employees reach their highest potential and to encourage positive behaviour and interactions among them and with the universe. Meditation and yoga programmes can be organised for your employees. These help people become more self-aware, eliminate stress and stress-related problems and improve their overall well-being. Spiritual values promote humanity, besides nurturing values such as sincerity, justice, goodness, forgiveness, courage, power and wisdom. Organizations run with spiritual and ethical values are characterized by mutual trust, honesty and openness, and humane work practices that encourage employee expression.

Dr. Sanjay Teotia is Joint Director, Medical & Health, Lucknow. He is a prolific spiritual writer and his articles appear regularly in Navbharat Times and in Times of India, apart from YoursPositively

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