DR SANJAY TEOTIA says that true religion is based on the Ultimate Truth. If we follow this path steadfastly we will ultimately attain moksha

Truth if analysed is revealed as the world’s best religion. The question that now arises in everybody’s mind is: What is truth? Truth is most often taken to mean that which is in accordance with fact, reality or that which is closest to an original or to a standard or ideal. Many religions consider perfect knowledge of all truth about all things to be an attribute of a divine or supernatural being. Hence, there is no religion bigger than truth.

Every religion teaches the lesson of truth and is based on truth. When we tell a lie then we believe that while we can prove our lie to be true in front of man, we can never do that before God, who is a witness to all our activities. When telling a lie, we are only making a fool of ourselves, never of others.

Dr Sanjay Teotia

One thing is sure and that is that wisdom is found only in truth. Gandhiji had outlined the theory of truth and nonviolence. Never go away from truth, and always follow truth. If you really want to uplift yourself, then follow truth as a religion and stick to doing good deeds. Truth is a most precious thing. We can only understand the meaning of truth when we follow truth. Truth is absolute and beautiful. We can only feel the pleasure and beauty of truth but can’t ever describe it in words.

If a majority of the people in the world follow truth, then the universe itself will change. It will become beautiful and full of joy. If however, you drift away from truth, your mind and even your soul will become polluted and this will ultimately lead to sorrow. Truth makes you a human being in the real sense. If you are away from truth, it means you are also away from humanity. It may be possible that when you will follow the path of truth, initially you will face difficulties, but later on, you will enjoy truth and will be the ultimate winner.

If you really want to enjoy the last laugh, then follow truth. Finally, that day will dawn when everyone will accept the ultimate truth of life which is in reality something that everyone knows but denies. And that is death. If you should keep in mind this ultimate truth, then everytime you will surely follow truth and prevent yourself from various sins like crime, cruelty, bribery, cheating and inhumanity.

Scriptures of every religion stress on the Truth

Life has many ups and downs. Sometimes, you will face problems, and sometimes you will enjoy happiness, but you should enjoy the journey of life with truth. To know the truth of life is the real deal. What we have to understand is this simple statement: where were we before birth and where will we go after death? The theory of reincarnation gives us the answer that the soul is immortal and there is a cycle of birth and death that is inevitable until we ultimately attain moksha.

For people who don’t believe in this theory of reincarnation, the truth of life will remain unsolved for ever.

Lord Rama has said that truth is God in the universe. Religion is based on truth. Further, the base of prayer and the Vedas is based on truth. Truth is the only way to be free from the cycle of birth and death. Truth is supreme, fruitful and respectable, so every religious person teaches the lesson of truth to society. Life always remains in the control of the person who follows the path of truth and such a person is not tossed around by the vagaries of life and existence. The base and basic essence of life is truth . You can’t follow spirituality without following the path of truth. Ultimately, you realise that it is truth that is necessary to connect your soul with God.       

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Dr Sanjay Teotia is a senior consultant eye surgeon

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