BRAHMA KUMARIS chart out some essential tips to recoup the mind when you suddenly fall ill

When you suddenly fall ill, life suddenly slows down. Actions become slower, and the mind stops running; life moves into the slow lane and our inner conscious suddenly starts to awaken. It means our mind has already started to make us realise some facts of life which we would not have thought of if all was well. We now begin to understand that illness strikes when our immune system is weak.

Seek Balance in Life

Leading an active life has been the highest focus of our times. Physical exercise, meditation, yoga, and eating right have all been linked to us being healthy. Regular health check-ups and taking extra supplements is a part of our routine but we still fall ill often. That is because most diseases originate from the mind (our thoughts) but we are less focused on that. So what does the mind say during illness?

Take out time for relaxation activities like walks and friends

Take a Pause

Slowing down is a process which many of us followed until we were struck by mobile phones and technology. Weekends and evenings earlier after work were all about relaxation and family time. Now, we are also always in competition — competition to be more knowledgeable, competition to be first, competition to be the announcement booth and we are always overloading our minds. It’s time we take a pause.

Be in the Now

Our past is dominated by self-doubt, insults or failures and our future is dominated by thoughts of fear, uncertainty and comparisons. Now we have roof (maybe small), food (maybe simple), clothes (maybe unbranded), family (maybe not so famous) but are we ever appreciative about all this? If yes, are we thanking God each day and each moment? If not, the time to do this is now.

Ask Forgiveness for Sins

All of us are sinners in some way or the other and only God has the power to forgive our sins completely. Seeking pardon from people mentally also helps us feel light inside. Many of our problems in life come due to our present bad karma or our past sins. Asking for forgiveness with a strong promise of not repeating them again should be done during illness. Seek power from God.

Be Gentle and Ever Helpful

Helping people may have backfired on many of us sometimes especially when we help someone financially and don’t ever get the money back. The mind then feels that helping someone is a waste of time. However, besides money, you can share your knowledge, motivate people, or just listen to them. It helps you collect secret wealth called blessings.

Count your Blessings

In order to count our blessings, we should have collected enough. Blessings come into play when even money and all other resources fail. They act like the magic wand which sometimes even brings us back from death or a hopeless mental situation. The best way to collect blessings is to go beyond the self and do things selflessly. Volunteering is the best way to collect blessings where you have no personal motive but the intent to give.

Take Care of the Self

Doing things in a balanced manner is the right way to take care of the self. The self is made up of two things — the mind and the body. While we serve the body well with the right food and the right amount of rest, we must remember to feed the mind with some good nourishing thoughts for the mind. A healthy mind and healthy body makes for a healthy life.

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