Saturday, June 15, 2024


post-Choosing the Right WishesChoosing the Right Wishes

We should always be thoughtful about what we pray and wish for in life, because God is aware of all our acts, listens to all our prayers and rewards us at the right time, says MAMTA SEHGAL An old acquaintance...

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post-I See God In All CreationI See God In All Creation

MAMTA SEHGAL feels and sees God in the wonders of his exquisite creations The plants, the trees, the clouds and the winds, the day, the night, the summer and the spring, sitting in solitude I ponder, how you have created...

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post-Expectation or AcceptanceExpectation or Acceptance

MAMTA SEHGAL suggests that we choose acceptance over expectation to achieve peace of mind Life is all about expectations. At each stage of our life we expect things from the people around us. We expect a certain outcome to certain...

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post-The Story of Light and DarknessThe Story of Light and Darkness

A person who learns to find the light within will always shine like the sun and the darkness of the cave will be a stranger, says MAMTA SEHGAL, suggesting that we always see the bright side in our life Light...

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