Be aware of your own strengths to bring meaningful changes in your life, says Strength Finder coach MAJOR NAMRATA DHASMANA

It’s in the Toyota DNA that mistakes once done will not be repeated.

Akio Toyoda

A certain pattern of emotions and behaviour runs in our DNA and affects the choices that we make in life. In turn, our choices define our actions and further our life. Why are so many people unhappy about what they do and say that they don’t enjoy their work. Is it because most of the time they are not aware of what brings them joy and what annoys them? They themselves do not know what they want, choosing to follow the legacy that they see within their families or in their orbit. What makes them break their own mental barriers and glass ceilings is awareness of their own strengths.

Work on Your Strengths

Your strengths develop you into the real you where you empower yourself with your innate abilities and talents. The realization of your own strengths changes your DNA and gives you clarity besides changing  your mindset.

Strengths enable you to acquire more knowledge and skills to get closer to your goals and success. When people discover their own Talent DNA, it further gives them an understanding of their governing emotions and their behavioral patterns.

Major Namrata Dhasmana

For Instance, a person with a dominant talent in Analytical skills looks for space for himself and is by nature, serious-minded. Another person who has Responsibility as his or her talent tends to veer towards guilt if not able to achieve deliverables. According to research, if people don’t get space and opportunities to explore and execute their talents, they tend to stay at the bottom where their weaknesses show up even more.

People’s choices also revolve around their core values. These core values are what governs their decisions during crucial moments of life. For some, Family could be the core value that governs their decisions, while for a few, Self Respect could be that governing core value that cannot be compromised upon.

Whatever things you go through you stay true to who you are and your core values.

Sophie Gregoire Trudeau

The Secret Success of innate and natural abilities comes out with awareness and then breaks the patterns and DNA of not living a fulfilling life. Experimental ideas are never arbitrary, and usually always have the support of observed reality. When you end up neglecting or not developing your own skills, you end up living a life dictated by others. This means less confidence. Research shows that having awareness about the self gives you more confidence and clarity in your actions and shifts your mindset.

The development and expansion of a mindset with such awareness is what unleashes true potential and you can then embark on a life of purpose and success.

Major Namrata Dhasmana is an industry expert and columnist. She is a Global Certified Gallup Coach and Certified Strength Finder. She coaches leaders to identify their vacuum and live a successful life besides helping mid-level transition managers to cope with their careers. Globally recognized Thought Leader, Namrata is a speaker and avid writer, an active Socio-Economic Analyst and envisages being a key part of Developed India. She has authored many studies on the Indian economy and has presented India at Durban University. Namrata enjoys driving and reading in her leisure hours.

Featured photo by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay