Friday, July 12, 2024

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post-There Is No Hell!There Is No Hell!

I believe there is no hell. If God is in heaven and He created the earth, so good and beautiful, then where did hell spring from? God created man and woman in His own image, to live, love and cherish...

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post-Music and DivinityMusic and Divinity

Singing and music take you to higher states of awareness. The creativity that you express in your singing and music is a manifestation of divine energy, which inspires you to express words and feelings in extraordinary ways. The divine communicates...

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post-Why Should I Reconvert?Why Should I Reconvert?

I was born in a Christian family and lived in a village called Kolbad in Thana, now Thane. The Christian families lived in the centre of the village, in a cluster, with houses in narrow lanes at handshaking distance. Non-Christians...

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