Wednesday, March 3, 2021


post-Let the Divine heal your anguishLet the Divine heal your anguish

A spiritual perspective is capable of providing adequate support, thoughtful guidance and filling the grief-stricken people with new hope. When the bereaved persons probe their assumptions around life and death, falsehood and truth, and loneliness, there is a widening of...

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post-Children with Special Needs Shine in Splendid WaysChildren with Special Needs Shine in Splendid Ways

Becoming a parent is one of the most exciting times of one’s life and nothing remains the samHe after the little one arrives. Brimming with selfless love and a sense of deep responsibility, parents leave no stone unturned in doing...

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post-Revive Your Core Self and Find HappinessRevive Your Core Self and Find Happiness

Sandhya (name changed) told me that she felt emptiness in her life.  She felt her life was meaningless.  She was plagued by self-doubt and found herself inadvertently trapped in a vortex of self-criticism. Over a period of time, she got...

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post-Experience joy by transcending gender and sexual identitiesExperience joy by transcending gender and sexual identities

The heteronormative assumptions of our contemporary society idolise a binary gender identity and a heterosexual orientation often aligned with the person’s biological sex. These assumptions make it clear that if you are biologically a female, you must identify and behave...

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