Saturday, August 13, 2022


Shakti Durga is a leading international teacher of spiritual transformation. Her teachings inspire, elevate and offer practical, humorous and deeply insightful ways to navigate the human experience. She uses ancient wisdom tools to solve modern problems and help enlighten consciousness. She is the founder of Shanti Mission (Peace Mission), with its head office in Australia.

post-Managing Your Energy During Covid-19Managing Your Energy During Covid-19

Sometimes when we might be feeling tired, it’s not rest we need. What we actually need is to give ourselves small windows of rejuvenation through which we live and play wholeheartedly! Do you find yourself feeling tired a lot of...

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post-We Need Love Not RacismWe Need Love Not Racism

The writer, an Australian spiritual guru, prays that love pierces the hearts of racists so that they end hatred and begin a journey of higher realisation I watch the horrific images on TV about what is going on in America...

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post-Recharge Your BatteriesRecharge Your Batteries

Covid captivity has brought some definite advantages, like no commute, thus extra time for life. You can wear your comfy trousers and slippers. The disadvantage for some work addicts, though, is that work never goes away.  Their work hours stretch,...

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