If you hear a negative voice within you, challenge it; don’t let it dominate you

When people ask you how you are today, you might give a standard reply. But are you conscious of how you are, or are you a bit numb to how you are? In our lives we sometimes go on for days, maybe even weeks, without really knowing how we are. Biologist and researcher, Bruce Lipton, an internationally recognised leader in bridging science and spirit, maintains that 95 per cent of the time we’re not actually conscious, and that we’re running on subconscious programmes.

We’re not really present the way we could be. We have little blips everyday where we are present and conscious, but 95 per cent of the inputs and the decision-making, and the time that we spend in our day is not coming from our conscious mind or from our connection to our highest potential, but it’s coming from these programmes that run in our subconscious. He says that they are installed by the time we’re seven.

Shakti Durga

So what was going on before we turned seven? I bet like most people, your experiences were a bit of a mixed bag. Even if you had a very blessed and gracious kind of childhood, there may have been times that were difficult. There’s times where you’re judged, where you’re criticised, where you’re picked on, either at school or somewhere else, and if you came from a family that was quite negative, then you probably were barraged with negativity.

All of that still plays inside of us, and it can give rise to a lot of toxicity within us.

When things happen in our life now, we resort to these programmes, and through these programmes, we see the world as quite a negative place. Part of what we think spirituality is here to provide us with is some lift and shift, and some methodologies to get out of that place. When we connect spiritually, which we often do through energy healing, meditation and other ways, we are able to rise above the programme for a while.

But you still have to deal with the problem. You still hear that voice that tells you you’re not good enough or that challenges you in some way. It doesn’t matter how far you’ve come, there will still be some kind of challenging voice arising from within that is telling you something you don’t really want to hear.

When we hear those voices, I think it’s important to think, ‘What am I going to do about it?’ rather than worrying that you’re hearing that voice of negativity. The first thing you can do is to engage that voice in a conversation, and you can just tell it you don’t agree with it, that it’s not your considered opinion.

When you wake up in the middle of the night and you’re feeling not so good about something, or about yourself in some way, then you must challenge that voice. Don’t allow it to dominate you. Argue with it, and tell it that it is not correct. See how it goes. I’ve found that it’s helpful to just be clear that you don’t agree with that voice.

Shakti Durga is a leading international teacher of spiritual transformation. Her teachings inspire, elevate and offer practical, humorous and deeply insightful ways to navigate the human experience. She uses ancient wisdom tools to solve modern problems and help enlighten consciousness. She is the founder of Shanti Mission (Peace Mission), with its head office in Australia.  


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