Wednesday, April 24, 2024


Dr Parmeshwar Arora, a renowned ayurvedic doctor and a lifestyle coach for more than 20 years, has been working tirelessly all through the Covid-19 crisis to spread awareness on how people can defeat the virus. Presently he is Senior Consultant at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital and heads his organization Ath Ayurdhamah located in Gurgaon.

post-The Key to Mental WellnessThe Key to Mental Wellness

What should we keep in mind to ensure that we remain happy and content? Ayurvedacharya DR PARMESHWAR ARORA shares his views on the subject Be flexible and set your goals at a comfortable pace: The first point is that we...

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post-A Life-Saving Ayurveda Prescription For CovidA Life-Saving Ayurveda Prescription For Covid

Ayurvedacharya DR PARMESHWAR ARORA lists certain Ayurveda medicines that you can take during this time to protect and cure yourself Our aim today should be to defeat death at all costs. Here is a list of Ayurveda medicines that you...

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post-Your Kitchen, Your Primary PharmacyYour Kitchen, Your Primary Pharmacy

DR PARMESHWAR ARORA, celebrity Ayurvedacharya has a dream of reaching knowledge of ancient Ayurveda remedies to every home. Here he tells you how to make Ayurveda a part of your daily life There are so many problems in our daily...

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post-Busting Myths About AyurvedaBusting Myths About Ayurveda

How should you take Ayurveda decoctions and herbs on your own? DR PARMESHWAR ARORA, senior consultant in Ayurveda at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital in New Delhi, gives you some sage advice There is a myth surrounding ayurveda medicines. People believe...

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post-Giloy, The Wonder HerbGiloy, The Wonder Herb

During this time of Coronavirus, we have used many herbs to build our immunity, but one wonderful herb that everyone is talking about is Giloy. This herb is useful not just for Corona, but is also excellent to treat dengue,...

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post-How To Stop Drinking AlcoholHow To Stop Drinking Alcohol

Learn to say a firm ‘No’ to alcohol. It’s never been known to do anyone any good It seems we people don’t need a compelling reason to drink. We treat alcohol like water and grab a drink at the slightest...

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post-A Doctor’s Tips to Fight Covid-19 at HomeA Doctor’s Tips to Fight Covid-19 at Home

How do we ascertain that someone in the family has Covid-19? What is to be done after a person tests Covid positive? Which room in the home should a Covid-19 patient stay in and what food and medication should be...

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