Ayurvedacharya DR PARMESHWAR ARORA lists certain Ayurveda medicines that you can take during this time to protect and cure yourself

Our aim today should be to defeat death at all costs. Here is a list of Ayurveda medicines that you can take both as a strong preventive measure and as a cure. 

V-Jaran Vati tablet. Take this tablet both morning and at night. 

Feverolax. Two tablets after lunch and at night after dinner. 

Abhramol Plus Powder. Take half teaspoon every morning and evening with honey. 

Shwas Kuthar Ras. Take a tablet in the morning and evening along with the Abhramol powder listed above. 

As an Ayurvedacharya, I recommend that the entire family should take these medicines. It will make good sense to take them even if you don’t suffer from this virus. What is happening now is that this virus is air-borne. If at home, even if one family member has it, or has fever, body ache, and is coughing, then don’t think it may be just a case of seasonal flu. It is recommended that every family member including the patient should take these medicines for 15 days. 

Dr Parmeshwar Arora

In case, you have difficulty in finding these medicines, here are viable alternatives that will certainly be available in your town or city:

Tribhuvan Kirti Ras. Take a tablet each morning and evening. 

Mahasudarshan Ghan Vati. Take two tablets in the afternoon after lunch and after dinner. 

Sitopaladi Churna. Take half a teaspoon morning and evening.  

Shwas Kuthar Ras. Take one tablet along with the sitopaladi churna morning and evening. These medicines are readily available at any Ayurvedic medicine store in your town or city. 

Home Remedies

Home remedies are equally effective. You can also chew on black pepper or laung or take ajwain with a pinch of sendha namak. In addition, take steam twice daily, preferably with hot water in which you have boiled two leaves of the Peepal tree; do warm water gargles and sip warm water through the day. I am also listing a Rambaan remedy that is absolutely essential:

Take a quarter teaspoon of black pepper powder with a pinch of sendha namak in lukewarm water on an empty stomach, first thing in the morning. If a neem tree is nearby, also chew on a couple of neem leaves twice a day. Alternatively, you can have a Neem Ghanvati tablet, morning and night. 

These are established Ayurvedic cures. What the Covid virus does is that it enters our respiratory tract and literally changes our lungs from elastic to plastic. The virus deposits itself on the outer walls of our lungs and makes them as hard as stones.

Home Remedies cannot be ignored

The strategy should be to attack the virus from the first day itself. From my 20 years of experience as an Ayurveda physician, I can say that Ayurveda medicines are proven antimicrobial and antiviral. My patients who started on this regimen on the first day, itself, have all been cured.

This is not a time to earn money or to think of business schemes. Instead, it is a time to help each other. Therefore, avoid forwarding videos that talk about this virus being a scam or build conspiracy theories around it. But don’t ignore this virus, either. START on these Ayurvedic medicines from day one. These are absolutely safe and have no side-effects. You might still be attacked by the virus even if you are taking these medicines, but it won’t lead to any serious condition in which you need oxygen. 

Agreed that life is in God’s hands, but God has also given us budhi, intellect, and the will to take action. By all means, keep your allopathy prescription going, but alongside, giving a gap of one hour, take your Ayurvedic medicines and you will be safe from the devastating effects of this virus.  

Dr Parmeshwar Arora is a renowned ayurvedic doctor and a lifestyle coach for more than 20 years. He was Senior Consultant at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital for fifteen years and heads Ath Ayurdhamah in Gurgaon.

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