DR PARMESHWAR ARORA, celebrity Ayurvedacharya has a dream of reaching knowledge of ancient Ayurveda remedies to every home. Here he tells you how to make Ayurveda a part of your daily life

There are so many problems in our daily life, but for everything, we don’t have to go to the doctor. You can address 90 per cent of your ailments from what is available in your kitchen. Look at the advantages of this form of treatment – you can avoid chemicals, altogether. 

If you look at your life, you will realise that there are three major causes for disease:

1 Our lifestyle is all wrong

2 Our food has been compromised

3 We use medicines made not from food but from chemicals to address what is wrong

These three points mentioned above are our biggest issues. 

When we use herbs and spices available in our own kitchen, we get rid of our disease from its roots. An even bigger advantage is that we are curing ourselves with natural ingredients without any adverse side-effects.

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Our kitchen is, in fact, our primary pharmacy. In the olden days, this is exactly how a kitchen was regarded. It wasn’t merely a place used for cooking. It was our first-aid station. Look at the ingredients it offers:

Pepper, cloves, cinnamon, tejpatta, ajwain, cumin, coriander, cardamom, mulatti, mint…almost every useful herb was found in everyone’s kitchen. Now, unfortunately, we buy readymade masalas and do not have the raw ingredient available with us in the kitchen. 

Gradually, we have lost the knowledge as well. For instance, from pudina, you get pudina ark. If you have a pain in your stomach, you need to have four drops of Ark Pudina rather than an ineffective painkiller.

The trouble now is that people have forgotten these effective remedies. 

Another Ayurveda medicine, Agni Prabha Ark has become a part of life in so many households. What is it made of? Saunf, ajwain, cumin, badi elaichi, pudina. These are highly effective remedies for acidity, gas and stomach ache. 

To cure yourself of these ailments, all you have to do is take this concoction as a medicine twice a day, mornings and evenings. These are natural remedies, and let me reiterate once again, these are absolutely without chemicals. 

Of course, along with this, also take care to eat the right foods and turn around your lifestyle. 

There is a simple way to purify your blood so that you don’t ever suffer from warts, moles and corns. These usually occur when we have toxins in our skin. 

Spices from your kitchen can cure you of many an ailment

Chew four to five new leaves of the neem tree every morning for at least a month. It is a great way to purify your blood. Alternatively, set aside a day, perhaps, Sunday to practice a healthy habit. Chew your neem leaves on this day and for a healthy individual this is more than enough to purify your blood. 

And if you think you need antibiotic treatment to fight an infection, you can take recourse to that age-old remedy of taking turmeric in milk. Drink this anyway on two days of the  week – say, Tuesdays and Saturdays. Mix half a cup of water in half a cup of milk and boil it together with a quarter tsp of turmeric. This concoction is enough to give you a natural antibiotic effect within your body. These two cures taken together – chewing neem leaves and drinking turmeric boiled in milk and water will take care of warts and moles and other skin problems. Alternatively, you can have an Ayurvedic medicine known as Manikya Yog and Ath Twak Prabha after consulting an Ayurvedacharya.  

For instance, in the old days, people were fed hing or asafoetida regularly. 

Even when I was a child, I remember my elders eating some things to vomit voluntarily. They looked upon it as a purification process, a form of cleansing, Our traditions were scientific and we must adopt them again, consciously. Only then will Ayurveda become a part and parcel of our life.  

Dr Parmeshwar Arora is a renowned ayurvedic doctor and a lifestyle coach for more than 20 years. Presently he is Senior Consultant at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital and heads Ath Ayurdhamah in Gurgaon.

www.athayurdhamah.com, phone: 88000 00 460

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