The Law of Attraction works in every area of our life. Whether we want a better job, a loving relationship with others, or good health, it is the Law of Attraction that brings to us whatever we think of, particularly so when our intention is in harmony with Universal intention.

What is Universal intention? Stated in very simple and basic terms, Universal intention is that of peace, harmony, oneness with all creation. We are electro-magnetic by nature; in fact, we are very powerful magnets that draw to ourselves the circumstances of our life, including the health and functioning of our physical body.

A person who has depressing thoughts will have physical malfunctioning as his/her cells will be depressed. An individual who has joyful thoughts will have joyful cells which function at peak level. Whilst it is true that a virus or bacterium may be blamed for ailments, it is actually the individual who has unwittingly made his/her physical body open to them. All things being equal, it is, in my experiential knowledge, a misleading idea that any illness or even an accident, is caused by any pathogen, be it a minor or major life-threatening ailment.

If we stop to consider the fact that whenever there has been an “epidemic” of any sort of disease, there are people who succumb to it, and there are people who do not. Why? What is the crucial difference between them? If you look around you, you will find both these types of individuals―one who is steeped in and concentrating on problems, and another who is faced with similar problems but is concentrating on solutions. Whatever we concentrate on gains strength, whatever we divert our attention from, grows less, decreases, and vanishes. This is true of careers, interests, relationships and health.

Dr Kaity Cama

Your physical body functions as a whole, not in isolated parts. When one area of the physical body cries out for help, it is very worthwhile to take a few minutes to look quietly at what we have been feeling mentally and emotionally before the pain or illness took place. Negative emotions cause a very chaotic electro-magnetic disturbance in our energy field and physical body. A simple way is to place our awareness, our attention, upon our heart and quietly think of peacefulness; negative emotions will disperse, the chaotic disturbance will change to serenity. This by no means suggests that you do not seek medical help; of course you must consult your physician.  

Try to make connections between your emotions which have been held over a long period of time and always remember that every ailment is reversible, whether it is multiple sclerosis or rheumatoid arthritis or osteoarthritis or an ulcer. Our thoughts and emotions cannot be separated from the physical body cells, and if we desire fitness, vigour, vitality and constant good health, the sooner we realize the connection between an emotion we feel and the physical sensation which takes place, the sooner we can restore wholeness to our physical body, which is indeed a divinely created gift, with an opportunity for renewal every time we inhale and exhale.

We do not need to renounce the physical body at all. It is absolutely possible to reach higher levels of consciousness in this very physical body.

Dr Kaity Cama has been a healer since childhood. She is a motivational speaker, combining the precepts of practical spirituality with the current trends of marketing strategies. She is a Reiki Grandmaster, graduate of Silva Methods and a qualified clinical hypnotherapist.