There is good news for late starters. You can make it big at any age, says ARJUN PEREIRA

What is age? I often wonder about this human phenomenon which everyone seems to take so seriously! Is the body’s age really that important if humans are arguably spiritual beings and are independent of their body age and its various manifestations?

Is your ‘age’ determined by your attitude and mental outlook or is it something that you can’t control — as it is inevitable?

I was recently listening to an LA-based band, The Score sing Born For This. The words of the song compelled me to think if everyone is actually born for a particular profession or vocation in life. In an ideal world, this may be true. But alas, the majority of the people are not born as prodigies. In fact, most people don’t hit the proverbial sweet spot in their lives until they are well into their 40’s.

Arjun Pereira

Our most famous Indian example is Boman Irani, who was a struggling photographer and theater actor before suddenly becoming a household name at 44 with the satirical comedy, Munnabhai MBBS. I did a little research and found that many famous singers and musicians only achieved fame and the success they wanted when they were well into their mid-thirties. Not everyone is born a child or teenage prodigy in the world of business, the arts or any other field.

Indeed, far from it. The road to success and fulfilment can be a long, winding and arduous one. When this is a given, why not apply the same learning to one’s spiritual journey, instead of giving up every time it gets a bit tough and challenging?  

Even in the world of sports, lots of changes are happening in present times. Football players are now playing in some of the most competitive leagues when they are well into their forties. Some cricket players too are ‘late bloomers’ and really start blossoming as world class players, when they are past their early thirties.

Kazuyoshi Miura is the world’s oldest professional footballer at 54

Most of the world’s best football players now are 36 and above. This was very rare and literally unheard of ten to fifteen years ago. If it was just about body age, one would expect younger players to be the best because they are at the peak of their fitness and have the advantage of being able to run faster. Moreover, they are driven by a great insatiable hunger to win trophies. But that is just not the case as experience and strategic thinking comes only with repeated practice.

In the super tough and competitive world of business, an excellent example is Colonel Sanders, the founder of KFC who didn’t give up no matter what obstacles he encountered. His dream profession finally manifested only when he had hit his late sixties.

After being forced to sell his restaurant at sixty-five, he struggled to win again and it was only when he was seventy-three that his unique fried chicken became so popular that he sold the franchise for two million dollars, the equivalent of 16 million dollars today. 

The same goes for learning musical instruments or picking up a hobby late in life. Work at it and put in effort and you can reach the top of your new field.

Boman Irani in Munnabhai MBBS

Age is not a limiting factor anymore to achieve your dreams! In fact, the older you are, the wiser you will be and you have a wealth of experience to call upon and make better choices.

The world of fitness has kept pace with this new trend. Increasing resources are now available to help you keep fit and supple at any age.

The important thing is to keep your limbs supple and to use them regularly, more so as you grow older. Recent research shows that it is important to keep walking almost every day, so pack in your daily 30-minute walk, come what may. Rather than ordering everything online, walk to your local grocery store and pick up your daily groceries. Don’t drive; walk instead.

And the most important of all – keep using your mind every day so that it has a chance to solve complex problems. Or battle with a family problem or even a game on your phone trying to solve a complex riddle or puzzle. It gives you something to do and keeps your mind alive.

By all means, take to spirituality, but also keep your nose into politics, sports, and current affairs. It will keep you more interested in everyday affairs. Every person has a flair for something or an interest in some hobby. Make it your job to discover this. Perhaps that should now be your foremost goal and main purpose of your life. For this, you don’t have to wait for old age. You can start as young as you can.

Arjun Pereira, a writer and editor, is also a singer, composer, lyricist and guitarist. He has worked for several leading publishing houses and corporates and loves to travel, soaking in new experiences and cultures.

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Featured picture by un-perfekt from Pixabay