Exactly a year ago, we launched YoursPositively.com to give readers another perspective on life so that they see the world through the prism of positivity and have a daily website that will fill them up with a daily dose of hope, wisdom, motivation and inspiration.

We are proud to say that our reader base has grown steadily and articles by our ever-growing team of dedicated writers and by the inhouse team at YoursPositively are being well-received and applauded constantly by our readers. Stories in YoursPositively are those bright sparks that light up an otherwise bleak horizon that these days is filled with grim news about the pandemic, political unrest, turmoil and crime.

We have delivered to you quality articles on a host of spiritual topics as also on wide-ranging subjects such as relationships, moral dilemmas, healthy living,  and gardening, besides other issues. Wisdom from various acknowledged spiritual leaders has graced our web pages with their enriching content.

Especially popular have been articles by our dedicated supporters who have been writing on topics as far ranging as mythology to moral and ethical issues. A feather in our cap has been our relentless coverage of all aspects of the pandemic ― from using Reiki for self-healing to turning to Ayurveda for enhancing your immunity, besides advice from doctors and from people who have been successful in vanquishing the virus.

Our articles on gardening have notched up hundreds of views, proving that people are finding solace in gardening and in nature. We have catered to this segment of readers by featuring rooftop gardens, besides carrying tips for growing organic vegetables at home and carrying articles on the right soil mix for your plants and other such tips. Surprisingly, some of these articles have had more than a thousand views.

Our top featured article was by the late Maulana Wahiduddin Khan who wrote a simple piece on Marriage is an Intelluctual Partnership that has almost 2,000 views.

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