Stop gossiping and think only about the goodness of people. Do this and you will realise that you are making the world a better place to live in, say the BRAHMA KUMARIS

Have you felt the urge to share a spicy story about someone? Did you struggle to keep it a secret from your social circle? In other words, have you indulged in gossip? If the answer is yes, stop awhile and think, “Is it right to do so?”

Our conversations often revolve around other people. When we think or speak about habits and behaviours of others, which we believe are not right, we consume their negativity into our energy field. Gossip is the simplest way to deplete your energy and to pollute the environment.

This causes more harm to us than the object of our gossip, who may not even be aware of us badmouthing him or her. Gossip, in fact, doesn’t reduce the self-worth of the person we are gossiping about. On the contrary, it reflects on the gossiper as a person with little self-esteem and a negative perspective of people and the world.

No matter how skilfully we polish and present a negative opinion about people, gossip cannot turn into gold. Negative conversations not only harm the reputation of the other individual, but also lower our moral credibility. For one, if we really need to say something, we might as well share the many positive characteristics about people. Second, is it ethical to talk about a personal detail of someone’s life just to make ourselves appear socially aware?

Talking good things

Focussing on people’s goodness also makes us look good and feel good as well. It reflects on our generosity and kindness to always look at the brighter side of people and situations.

Remind yourself: I care for everyone’s feelings and privacy. I refuse to gossip, judge people or indulge in small talk. Sit back and programme your mind to speak only nice things about others and abstain from gossip.

It’s not really difficult to do this, once you place yourself in the shoes of the person whom you are gossiping about and maligning. Simply ask yourself, would you be happy if someone maligned you without any reason, provocation or basis whatsoever?

Increase your self-control and willpower. Protect your energy field from the behaviours and energies of people around you, just by not thinking and speaking about them. Repeat this every hour — I am a powerful being. I focus only on the goodness in people and speak only about the positives in them.

Create only clean thoughts and speak only pure words about others. Protect yourself and your environment. Your positive thoughts and words about others raise your energy and the energy of everyone around you. Make your every thought and word a blessing for others, and start vibrating at the highest emotional frequency.

Do this and you will realise that you are making the world a better place to live in ― where positivity, goodness and kindness have become a way of life!

Brahma Kumaris is the largest spiritual organisation in the world led by women. It was the founder, Prajapita Brahma Baba, who chose to put women in the forefront. Founded in India in 1937, Brahma Kumaris has spread to over 140 countries and has had an extensive impact in many sectors as an international NGO. However, their real commitment is to helping individuals transform their perspective of the world from material to spiritual.

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