Questions such as why God cannot remove evil from earth makes no sense when we understand how the infinite power operates. God is neutral, objective, non-interfering and in perfect detachment from the action, says MOHANJI

If there are 7.8 billion people on earth, there are as many personalities, with concepts, ideas, fears, conditionings, and all other flavours of life that one could possibly think about. Constitution wise, we are “hand-made” and not a factory product that looks and feels alike. Whenever man tried to create evenness, serious tragedies took place; wars, death and displacements happened.

Each being on earth is unique. Each one of us has a free will. We create our own destiny. We ourselves, through our own thoughts, words, emotions and action, create our own destiny. We are the creator or script writer of our own life. The soul is the fuel that fulfils the journey ― the energy that made the script into action.

Nobody else is responsible for your life, your experience, even though many a time, you need co-actors to bring forth effects in experience. So many actors sequentially join and leave the play and each actor has his or her relevance in the play. None is less or more important. Everyone adds their flavour.


In your life story you are certainly the hero and the rest are the supporting actors. But for each supporting actor, they are the hero of their own script. Comedy, tragedy, drama, action, horror, satire and all its variations are usually part of every script. Each actor represents different flavours of life.

They join hands and spice up the drama of your life. They make it worth it. Sometimes the show makes you cry, sometimes it makes you laugh, sometimes it creates fear, sometimes love. The story continues. Many characters happen in the play.

Concepts and questions such as why God cannot remove evil from earth makes no sense when we understand how the infinite power operates. God is neutral, just like our own soul ― objective, non-interfering and in perfect detachment from the actor or the action. God allows all characters to come and perform on the stage and never interferes.

Since each player is also the script writer of his own drama, God allows the experience of the play, irrespective of its theme and reason. There is no good and bad in God’s realm. There is only truth and experience. Man goes through many relative truths before he understands and attains the absolute truth. This trial and error is part of every being’s life.

God  will not take away this experience of existing in duality until one finds his unity. Duality is indeed the state as well as experience that leads one to unity. This truth cannot be underestimated. Without duality, there is no creativity. When me and my father become one, there is nothing to experience anymore. Only when the object and the experiencer are separate from one another, there is an experience.

When eyes become one with the sight, there is nothing to see. When tongue becomes taste, there is nothing to taste. When ego and all identities dissolve and man becomes one with God, there is no more search. There is only beingness.

This state can be achieved only at the end of the drama. The chosen script should be acted and completed before the merger can happen.

The audience or the operator cannot interfere and change the script or the duration. Sometimes, some characters attain sudden death and disappear from the drama. Even this is part of the original script, even though it may seem to the audience as quite dramatic. This is the chosen effect, by the script writer. If a wow happens in the lips of the audience, the script writer attains fulfilment.

Mohanji is a contemporary spiritual Master who delivers the most profound truths with laser sharp clarity, simplicity and humour. The core of Mohanji’s teachings, which resonate with simplicity and practicality, is liberation from all bindings and habits of life.  An active philanthropist, Mohanji has a global charity that provides food, clothing, shelter, medical treatment and education to the needy.