While a healthy lifestyle leads to good health, self-esteem is equally important in keeping ourselves free from physical and mental illnesses

When we have true self-esteem, the kind that is strong and unshakeable, there is a shift in our consciousness. When that shift in our consciousness takes place, then our brain and our central nervous system actually change to adapt to the new consciousness. True self-esteem is important if we want healthy bodies. 

People say that when there is a virus in the air, they catch it quickly; that is not difficult to understand now that the threat of Covid-19 hangs in the air. Viruses, carcinogens, germs and bacteria have always been constantly there, even within us. This is a fact. But why is it that one person falls ill during an outbreak of a pandemic virus, while another person continues to have vital health? Because the person who was vulnerable to the virus had an immune system that couldn’t successfully fight off the virus.  

No virus ever causes illness. No carcinogen ever causes cancer. It is the sustained thought patterns, kept in the mind for a long period of time that ultimately cause a blocked coronary vessel or cancer or even HIV. In other words, it is our weak immune system that makes our body succumb to ill-health and we literally open ourselves to virus attacks.

Dr Kaity Cama

Always, the mind-body connection has been so strong, that even the medical profession has now been stressing that practically all ailments are stress-related.

So, how do we heal ourselves? By following the precepts of Practical Spirituality—slowly, gradually, a new shift of awareness can be brought to the human mind-body. As the shift occurs, consciousness reaches a higher level, and the thought patterns which created a willing open house to ailments, spontaneously change. As our thought patterns change, so does the ailment, spontaneously.  

The body you have is a marvellous creation, self-healing by nature, if only we give it a chance.

This is not to say that if you are on any medication, you must stop the medication. No! But as your consciousness changes, your physician will automatically reduce the dosage of long-term treatment. Never come off medication if you are under a physician’s care.

When we have true self-esteem, we honour our bodies, and we do the best possible for our bodies. If over-eating causes you indigestion, then when you have true self-esteem there will be no overeating at all.  

Being unhappy and depressed comes from ego―all negative thoughts, in fact, come from ego, and negative thoughts are everywhere around us. One negative thought leads to another, to yet another, and before we know it, we have a collection of them. A passing negative thought does not really do any great harm, but harbouring these type of thoughts cause real physiological damage. 

Do we really want to accumulate ailments? Of course we don’t. We want healthy bodies, vibrant health, fitness and zest for life. 

The precepts of Practical Spirituality for sure change one’s consciousness, and those of you who choose to follow these precepts will find it amazingly miraculous, especially when it comes to our health. 

Caring for and maintaining the body through which you, the Spirit experiences earthly life, is a vital and very important part of Practical Spirituality.

Dr Kaity Cama has been a healer since childhood. She is a motivational speaker, combining the precepts of practical spirituality with the current trends of marketing strategies. She is a Reiki Grandmaster, graduate of Silva Methods and a qualified clinical hypnotherapist.

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