Narada Muni was considered the first journalist to walk the earth. Today, on his birth anniversary, let us pledge to follow only authentic journalists and not the lapdog media, says REENA SINGH

Are journalists today following in the worthy footsteps of the great sage Narada Muni, the fifth Manas of Brahma, a devotee of Vishnu, widely considered the first journalist to walk the earth?

But what journalists seem to be doing today seems to be in direct contrast to Sage Narada’s tasks in the ancient world. Sage Narada had the ability to go to different lokas (Aakaash, Pataal, Mrityu, Deva and Prithvi) at the blink of an eye and could carry information across these different planes and report to the Gods. He could look into the future and dwell on the past, picking up nuggets of wisdom along the way. In ancient mythology his work was cast out in iron – He was widely regarded as the first journalist on earth, carrying authentic, reliable tidbits for the God’s consumption.

Today’s journalist does precisely that – except that somewhere along the way, he has forgotten to walk in the footsteps of Sage Narada and instead begun to literally carry tales, spicing them up with mirch-masala, often trimming out realistic edges to provide a sensational dish to the public guaranteed to push up TRPs.

We see that happening all over today. The journalist’s position as an intrinsic part of the media, that worthy fourth estate for the public, after the judiciary, the legislature, and the executive, lies today crumbled in dust. At least we the responsible public can make one pledge – either subscribe to government mouthpieces or to those digital newspapers run by independent journalists who have no official sponsorships except a deep love for the truth like Narada Muni.

Reena Singh

Truth is not always one-sided, but lies somewhere mid-point. This we must be able to nose out for ourselves. It will teach us to be logical, responsible citizens without getting into camps and coteries that politicians build at will for their vote banks.

People blame the media today for carrying wrong information. If they know it is wrong, then why do they view those noisy TV channels where it has become fashionable for guest speakers to blabber against each other as if their life depended on it. And we watch, often open-mouthed, not seemingly getting enough of their half-chewed half-truths.

Or have we overnight turned into gullible citizens being swayed by people who have the gift of the gab or the ability to write with a flourish, but with no guts to stand up for the truth, the real truth? Our Godi Media who serve as lapdogs of the ruling establishment are a disgrace to our great ancestor, Narada Muni, whose eternal soul must be writhing in pain at this shameful breed of journalists.

Today, on Narada Jayanti, the birth anniversary of the great sage, let’s vow to follow his footsteps and believe in authentic information. That is the least we can do to rekindle the great traditions of our great fearless and independent nation, Bharat.  

Reena Singh has more than 38 years’ experience in senior editorial positions in The Times of India (TOI) and Genpact. She was Deputy Editor with TOI’s spiritual newspaper, The Speaking Tree, where she spent more than nine years.

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