Individuals, planet and universe align through constant change, says SUSAN NI RAHILLY

Those of you who are in a regular mind-body-spirit practice are aware of and in tune with your own Chakras. Our Planet also has Chakras: energetic gateways to higher consciousness of the Earth. So, as our own personal Chakras are psychic gateways to higher energy and our potential Divine vibrations, the Planet also has these energetic centres and vibrational gateways. This is how Heaven and Earth align.

There are 7 major Chakras and also ‘Earth Stars’ and more minor energetic lines which run all over the earth in line with waterways and power lines.

Six of the Earth Chakras are pretty fixed. I say ‘pretty fixed’ because change is a constant, paradoxically, and in the time-frame of our understanding for this concept, we are talking in Ages or Aeons – not about what happened last year or will happen next year.

Susan Ni Rahilly

One of the Earth Chakras, however, ‘moves’ locations: it is called the mobile Aeon Activation Centre which carries the energy at the dawn of a new Aeon. This movement happens between Ages – again not overnight or in a couple of years – and the transitional period between Ages is usually 50-years or so. The Ages themselves, Aeons or Yugas, last for 2,200-2,500 years. This mobile energetic centre is the Earth ‘Third Eye’ or Guru Chakra. It is in transition now.

Earth Chakra locations

One, Base Chakra: Mount Shasta, Northern California; 

Two, Sacral or Sexual Chakra: Lake Titicaca: 

Three, Solar Chakra: Ulura and Kata Tjuta, Northern Territory Australia: 

Four, Heart Chakra: Glastonbury and Shaftesbury, England: 

Five, Throat or Life Chakra: Mount Sinai and Mount of Olives, Middle East: 

Six, Third Eye is the mobile Aeon Activation Center: my thinking is it was located at Kashmir, India in one Age. More recently the Great Pyramid, Gisa, Egypt.

Seven, Crown Chakra: Mount Kailas, Himalayas, India.

When the ‘Third Eye’ or Guru Chakra as I prefer to call it moves, it transitions West by one-twelfth of the Earth circumference. It has been predicted that this new location will be Glastonbury in England.

I don’t think so. And on asking many spiritual initiates over the last few years, I’m not alone in thinking that. The ‘Third Eye’ of the Planet wouldn’t be in the same location as the World ‘Heart’ Chakra. They have different purposes and energetic qualities. And I do suppose that the estimation for the ‘Third Eye’ moving to Glastonbury is simply because of lack of knowledge of the energy in the ancient land of Ireland.

Ancient spirituality in the land energy of Ireland is massive, and yes it has been blocked for a long time – issues mainly having been about immaturity of the masculine energy and suppression of the Divine Feminine.

And this is why I prefer to call the third eye Chakra ‘Guru Chakra’, because the energetic principle at this Chakra is Guru Energy or the Divine Principle: the meeting of Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine energies at the point of your own Divinity within. It is here that we raise our awareness to Wisdom, understanding the evolution of consciousness: and use the power of discernment in making choices.

You are reading this, so I presume you understand how we’re evolving. We are collectively raising Kundalini, healing Earth Karma, working with Shakti, power of nature or ‘Livingness’ as I call it. 

We are progressively more aware of and able to master our own problems and difficulties, again collectively and individually – and recognising the individual becoming the master is part of our unfolding in this transition phase. 

Because we practice, teach, offer therapy, coach or live and walk the Divine path, we live in knowledge that what we do is keep the energetic channel open within for Divine Communication.

The full unfolding and integration of our wisdom at Guru Chakra is mastery. Self-mastery and the skill to be able to solve our own difficulties and problems with higher knowledge and thinking, working on a higher intuitive and skilful level that requires wisdom.

We are aligned with the Earth

Ireland is the Planet’s Third Eye Chakra

My reasoning behind prompting the understanding of the land of Ireland being the new Guru Chakra energetic centre for our Planet is actually quite logistic as well as historically, spiritually and energetically based. If you knew that the Chakra was about to move West by one-twelfth of the Earth circumference, and that Glastonbury England is such a massive world power centre, then it’s quite a small leap to make conceptually. 

Healing is Happening, Chakra is Moving 

The age we are in right now as Humanity is one of transition from dark to light. It’s probably going to take another 50 years. 

So, what I am writing about here is not a “temporal” issue . . . not just of our time in terms of a few months or years, but it is a sign of metamorphosis. Metamorphosis is a one-way process – so not like the annual cycle of a plant, but the not-going-back change of the Chrysalis-into-Butterfly.

For those of us in practice, or teaching, training, coaching (whatever our vibrational level is right now, and how that is manifest in your life) our role in easing the transition would obviously seem to be: hold the space and restore balance. 

o Project your own stability onto the Earth. 

o Merge your own inner balance with the collective. 

o Keep your own inner channel open to the healing of the Divine Mother. 

o Hold the space for the Planet.

And most importantly, distil the wisdom we have brought together, for the future, so the light can be carried forward.

Thirty years in her own practice and teaching meditation now for more than 25 years, Susan Ni Rahilly’s Hatha Yoga teaching is inspired by Zen. She lives in Spain. 

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