The right type of food, the right time for eating and an honest appraisal of your thoughts will go a long way to losing excess fat, and then maintaining your ideal weight. Even a perfunctory understanding of your body type which any Ayurvedic practitioner can help you with and identify whether you are vata, pita, or kapha or a combination of what kind, can set you on the path of weight loss. 

Fast food has become a sort of fad in these modern times, but it goes without saying that freshly cooked food is always the better option. Fresh and seasonal vegetables and fruits are preferable to frozen or canned ones. 

Dr Kaity Cama

Also keep in mind that our bodies are different in the afternoon and perform differently at night. If you have a compulsive eating disorder, it can be reversed and healed under the right conditions which include change of thought patterns.

What we don’t realise is that if one thing goes wrong in the body, there is a host of other ailments which crop up if the original imbalance has not been corrected well in time.

Drink Hot Water

Hot water taken regularly at frequent intervals through the day also helps in getting rid of excess fat. Sometimes excess fat in the body also affects bladder control. So because of this, such people end up not drinking enough water. Drink water that is comfortably hot. This also helps to flush out toxins from the body. 

Vegetables and fruit and lentils, and beans which are easily digestible should be eaten. Don’t forget the fruit. When they say, an apple a day really does keep the doctor away, they are saying the truth.

Our body is truly self-repairing if only we give it a chance by a slight shift in our consciousness.  

Needless to say, fried food, especially French fries and wafers should be avoided.  Boiled potato tastes good too. Avoid chocolates and pastries and things that are difficult to digest. One instinctively knows what is not good for the body, so we must know when to say no to such foods.

Another trick is to focus on the creative imagination, seeing yourself slim and slender and healthy.

Meditation is one of the most helpful factors in weight loss, as it helps us raise our consciousness to higher levels where we find that automatically our thought-patterns begin to change. One, after all, needs will power to avoid the wrong foods.

That’s practical spirituality in weight loss….

Dr Kaity Cama has been a healer since childhood. She is a motivational speaker, combining the precepts of practical spirituality with the current trends of marketing strategies. She is a Reiki Grandmaster, graduate of Silva Methods and a qualified clinical hypnotherapist.