Wednesday, January 20, 2021


Mohanji is a contemporary spiritual Master who delivers the most profound truths with laser sharp clarity, simplicity and humour. The core of Mohanji’s teachings, which resonate with simplicity and practicality, is liberation from all bindings and habits of life. An active philanthropist, Mohanji has a global charity that provides food, clothing, shelter, medical treatment and education to the needy.

post-Musings on Success, Happiness  & EgoMusings on Success, Happiness & Ego

The more flexible you are, the more successful you are; when you are absolutely flexible, you are absolutely successful, says MOHANJI Have you ever wondered why certain patterns stay on and do not leave us? We are suffocated and tired...

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post-Banish Desires and Feel GodBanish Desires and Feel God

When desires go away, fears leave; you empty yourself, you observe the silence, and then God fills in, says MOHANJI Watch your thoughts and hold on to faith. Watch them, do not participate, do not energise them. The more you...

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post-Money: The Good and the Bad SideMoney: The Good and the Bad Side

Wise men who gracefully handle their money and use it for the well-being of themselves, their family and society, are truly rich and earn love and respect from the world, says MOHANJI Why do we think that money is bad?...

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post-Liberate Yourself from the Cycle of RebirthsLiberate Yourself from the Cycle of Rebirths

When you need nothing from anybody, you achieve peace within and outside, operate with unconditional love without any desire and are liberated from the cycle of rebirths, says MOHANJI How do you deal with the people around you, with society?...

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post-We All Create Our Own DestinyWe All Create Our Own Destiny

Questions such as why God cannot remove evil from earth makes no sense when we understand how the infinite power operates. God is neutral, objective, non-interfering and in perfect detachment from the action, says MOHANJI If there are 7.8 billion...

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post-Create a Bright Future In These Troubled TimesCreate a Bright Future In These Troubled Times

The present time is turbulent. The best way to go through this time is to keep a very low profile. Just watch. No reactions. Perform through the intellect. No confrontations. Some people are waiting for an opportunity to explode. Be...

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post-Walk Consciously To Be Happier & HealthierWalk Consciously To Be Happier & Healthier

We have a great life, but only if we understand it with clarity. It is an amazing life. We don’t experience its greatness, first and foremost because we resist a lot; we resist too much; we cling on to certain...

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post-To Each His Own Right PathTo Each His Own Right Path

We all are on our own personal right paths. It is the same with religion. For each one, the religion or faith that he follows, is the right one, says MOHANJI The right path is the path that you are...

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