Sunday, October 24, 2021


Harish Motwani is the CEO of Evolve Brands, a leading loyalty consulting company. He is also on the Board of two other start-ups ― an emerging FMCG company and a non-profit, Joy Story Foundation, both of these which he co-founded. He is a passionate marketer and strategy consultant by profession and lives in New Delhi.

post-Remembering the Forgotten BapuRemembering the Forgotten Bapu

HARISH MOTWANI laments that he has forgotten Mahatma Gandhi’s legacy and prays that he can make a fresh start in practising his teachings Dear Bapu, Most of the people around, including me, have forgotten you or your values ― in...

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post-Caring For Our Old ParentsCaring For Our Old Parents

HARISH MOTWANI urges us to open our hearts and return a little bit of the unconditional love that we received from our parents Of life’s many troubles, the worst is neglect in old age by our loved ones. It’s rather...

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post-Praying Silently & Giving QuietlyPraying Silently & Giving Quietly

Silent prayer along with silent giving makes me feel closer to God, says HARISH MOTWANI. But those who want to make a song and dance about their love for God must be having their reasons to do so, he adds...

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post-The Joy of Quitting the Rat RaceThe Joy of Quitting the Rat Race

In a contemplative, questioning stance, entrepreneur HARISH MOTWANI weighs the option of quitting the rat race. Will that buy him peace and happiness? After half a century of living, 29 years of working, marriage of 23 springs, raising two children,...

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