Make the Soul Self your friend, your companion, your beloved and you will sail through the most difficult times, physically, emotionally, and mentally, says SHAKTI DURGA

The divine intended that Earth be a Garden of Eden. The Earth was created for souls to experience different colours and flavours, free will and the ability to make choices. Duality must exist to experience these things. Everything has to have an opposite for choices to be made.  

Opposite co-exist. There is pleasure and pain, joy and sadness, peace and anger, love and hate. But to experience the full spectrum of these states we need a vehicle.

The Soul is the vehicle of Godliness, beauty and grace; so endowed it never chooses blame, shame or dishonesty.

Shakti Durga

But to experience the full gamut of choices, all of what Earth has to offer, we need another vehicle ― an egoic vehicle that is capable of choosing the other end of the polarity.

Thus, we have a dual nature, whereby we have a Soul Self and an Egoic Self. Both of these make up who we be as human beings.

One of the biggest hurdles we face in attaining a life of abundance is our innate sense of unworthiness. When we feel like that, we really repel good things from flowing to us.

The Soul never has poor self-esteem, so it helps to engage our Soul in manifesting abundance. That’s not the case with the Egoic Self. When I’m feeling not good enough, unworthy, unloved, in fear of being judged or failing, then I am in my Egoic Self, and not my Soul Self.

How do we get to the Soul state? How do we build a bridge between one part of Self and another part of Self?

When we are engaged in a daily spiritual practice it becomes easier to flip more into our Soul Self because we are building that connection every day. Other ways include regular meditation, energy healing and mantra.

We can also look at accessing humility as a bridge to the Soul, exploring how can we get out of unworthiness into humility.

Humility is a knowing that whoever I be right now, that is all I can be. I am enough as I am. The Divine is inside me, all around me and in everyone else as well.

You don’t have to be the wealthiest, the most successful, the fittest, the best or whatever the parameter of comparison is that you give yourself. Comparison by its very nature comes from the Egoic Self, and when we are humble we are coming from the Soul Self.

So make the Soul Self your friend, your companion, your beloved and you will sail through the most difficult times, physically, emotionally, and mentally. Then you will see your true Self and see your self-esteem grow manifold.

Shakti Durga is a leading international teacher of spiritual transformation. Her teachings inspire, elevate and offer practical, humorous and deeply insightful ways to navigate the human experience. She uses ancient wisdom tools to solve modern problems and help enlighten consciousness. She is the founder of Shanti Mission (Peace Mission), with its head office in Australia.

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