DR KRISHAN SHARMA has dedicated his life to studying the scriptures. He has now extracted the essence of the laws of attraction and creation and has put them in an easy-to-understand book that will soon be published

All through history, people have anguished over the fundamental questions of human life and the universe without arriving at satisfying answers. This is because few have understood the root principle by which humanity and the universe were originally created. To understand human life, we must first understand that the problems concerning human life and the universe cannot be solved without knowing the nature of God. 

I set out to unravel this mystery and have combined the answers into a new book, The Law of Creation: The Science Behind Manifesting Your Desires. In this book, I have attempted to explain the physics and the science of why and how the laws of creation work. When one learns how these laws work, one instinctively gains the ability to create everything one desires.

As one goes about daily life, we seek out knowledge and try to improve our lives hoping that in the process, we will obtain joy, happiness, and be filled with a sense of purpose. That knowledge is always within us, but we remain ‘unconnected’ to it.

My book, The Law of Creation explains the 18 laws and the link and balance between them. Once you understand these laws, you will be reconnected to your absolute ability to create your life. The book will teach you how to change your circumstances, improve your health, wealth and relationships, manifest abundance, emit and absorb joy, develop harmonious bonds with family and friends, establish a meaningful relationship with your partner, emanate love and establish purpose. You will master your power to create a new reality with everything you do want and see the world as a kind and loving place.

Dr Krishan Sharma

We all have this ability to create, and one does it all the time. But mostly we create what we don’t want. With the knowledge you will gain after reading this book, you will be able to create what you really want! This knowledge is in every one of us and is a part of who we are.

In other words, you cannot know the contents of this book and then fail to be an abundance machine. The book tells you that it is everyone’s inherent right to live a life of limitless joy, happiness, health, and wealth.

The book is replete with references from various scholars, scientists, philosophers, and lists the Laws of Creation as listed in our spiritual texts. The laws are like the shlokas of the Bhagavad Gita – over 360 writers may have given interpretations of the shlokas in the Gita, but while their commentary may vary, the shlokas themselves never change.

Rules, laws, the system and creation are inscribed by God. So, these will never change. Once you understand this, you can make use of the tips in the book to manifest the life of your dreams as you use the proven formula to achieve your heart’s desire!

The benefits from knowing the Laws of Creation include the following:
– Uncover the scientific proof of how we all create our own reality.
– Understand how the Laws of Attraction really work.
– Discover the synergy of the universal Laws of Creation.
– Find out how the field of Infinite Probability can create your world.
– Learn how to be a consciousness engineer and change your programming.
– Discover how gratitude links everything together.
– Develop an understanding of higher consciousness.
– Learn about the difference between your conscious and subconscious mind.
– Discover what energy you are emitting and how to create new habits.
– Understand the power of forgiveness.

Once you understand these laws, you will find your life changing. Start the journey to your best life today!

Dr Krishan Sharma, a writer, innovator, philanthropist and entrepreneur was born in Delhi and is an alumnus of IIT, Kharagpur, and has a  Ph.D. from Texas, A&M University in the USA. He has dedicated his life to studying the Indian sacred scriptures and how they can be used for personal human revolution and development. He is the author of the book ‘Spiritual Rule Law and System’ a guide for positive living. You can contact him at gisext@gmail.com

Image by Mohamed Hassan from Pixabay