SHASHI DIP contemplates upon life and says that we must all understand God’s plans for us

As we grow older, it is natural to become serious and contemplative. This is especially true of those with a philosophical bent of mind or for those who are spiritually inclined.

One question that appears to arise for many is this: What is the purpose of one’s existence in this world? Most of the people are convinced that this life is mortal and accept that none of us is ever going to be here for eternity. We might have some idea of our life span, yet no one can say for sure when our final departure date is going to arrive. So, there is no point in worrying about this one fact. Even if we delve deep into the ocean of thought, we will know that life is full of mysteries; hence, excess contemplation on this fact of life is just a waste of time.

In the end, nothing much is ever going to be achieved except for some meaningless argument and thought. One fact, however, is certain: that when one is leading a worldly life, the mind is never able to be calm and stable. So, despite practising subtle detachment, most people are attracted to their many big plans, suppressed desires, family members, friends and countless other things in their short life. This attachment is the actual cause of our suffering and even the thought or sense of departing from this world is frightening.

Shashi Dip

But the truth has to be faced one day, for whatever we try, we can never defeat death. Therefore, to make one’s existence meaningful, we must cultivate our curiosity to discover the purpose of our existence and once we realise it, we must  act upon it. This should be the main goal of our life.

The great philosophers of the world have proven that every living being in the world has been created and incarnates for a specific purpose. So our first priority should be to take care of this precious body gifted to us by our Creator and also to keep the mind and heart healthy. The most important point of them all is the realisation that we must keep our conscience pure. We must be always conscious that nothing in this world is ours, and in the end, the body, too, has to be returned safely. Then, only the soul can find peace after merging with the Divine.

This life is really wonderful and has many interesting aspects. This world has so many different types of people and all of us face all kinds of challenges, both collectively and individually. We humans face plenty of difficulties throughout our life because of the way we lead our life. Many of us carry a burden in our hearts and malice in our minds. This could easily have been different. This becomes so when man realises that God has given us the easy facility to come empty-handed and depart empty-handed. Those who realise the truth of this statement can get rid of their sufferings and lead a more peaceful life.

Tending to your life’s garden

As a result of this intense brainstorming, it is important to understand what is the purpose of the Lord when he allowed us to take birth in this life. Once we discover this truth, we will find it easier to follow His instructions. When we are tuned with Him, then our life will not be in vain. Even after our departure, we will be present in something or the other in this world and then there will probably be no attachments at the time of our final good bye.

I sing here about His glory and His grace:

He is residing in us,

He is prevailing in our divine thoughts,

He is directing us to sow best quality seeds, 

He has blessed us with precious life, our fertile field

He is there to help in cultivation,

He wants the Garden with all kinds of flowers,

Blooming in delightful abundance all around

He has framed and fashioned it beautifully

He loves selfless labour only

Which brings colours, beauty, perfume and fruitfulness!!

Shashi Dip is a thinker, bilingual writer, poet, columnist, social activist and an author of the book ‘Waves Within (Horizon and Beyond)’. She is associated with various literary associations and has written more than 200 blogs, 500 quotes in Hindi/Urdu and English and 100 poems in both Hindi and English.

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