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Sadhvi Bhagawati Saraswati, a Ph.D in Psychology, raised in an American family in Hollywood, California, was the Managing Editor for the monumental project of the 11-volume Encyclopedia of Hinduism. Her TEDx talk on her journey from “Hollywood to the HolyWoods” was watched by over 287,000 people and the documentary on her life was viewed online by nearly a quarter of a million people. Officially initiated into the order of Sanyas in the year 2000, she has been living at Parmarth Niketan in Rishikesh for 24 years, engaged in spiritual practice and service.

post-How to Stop Thinking NegativelyHow to Stop Thinking Negatively

The way out of negative thinking is to make a commitment to loving kindness, and make sure that you are also a recipient of it, says SADHVI BHAGAWATI SARASWATI Negative thinking is a tragic pattern that many of us fall...

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post-What is Real Yoga?What is Real Yoga?

SADHVI BHAGAWATI SARASWATI says the practice of “yoga” leads automatically to a life in which our choices are ones made in an awareness of unity and oneness  The Indian sage Patanjali gave us the eight limbs of yoga, or what...

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post-Let Us Preserve Our WaterLet Us Preserve Our Water

By simply going vegetarian, consuming consciously, and eating organic wherever possible, we can have an enormous, positive impact on the preservation of our water, our planet and our own lives, says SADHVI BHAGAWATI SARASWATI Water is life. From our first...

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post-How To Befriend Your MindHow To Befriend Your Mind

There are different mechanisms to befriend the mind and train it, so that it stops jumping aimlessly in a thousand places and sits instead, in one place, says SADHVI BHAGAWATI SARASWATI The idea is not to control or subdue the...

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post-Reconnect With The Real WorldReconnect With The Real World

As tangible connections and real, three-dimensional experiences deepen our existence, let’s try to look at the full people in front of us rather than let our attention, and lives, be hijacked by our screens, says SADHVI BHAGAWATI SARASWATI, urging us...

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post-How To Overcome FearHow To Overcome Fear

If we can live knowing that we’re really in the Mother’s arms, that we’re being carried by God, if we can allow that faith to take over, it will replace the fear in our life, says SADHVI BHAGAWATI SARASWATI You...

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post-Showing Children the Spiritual PathShowing Children the Spiritual Path

SADHVI BHAGAWATI SARASWATI explains how we can show the young the way to spirituality, especially if they don’t seem inclined When I was in school, if our teacher asked a question, simply giving the right answer wasn’t enough. The teacher...

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post-Pray to Connect with GodPray to Connect with God

We should pray to God not to seek a list of favours but to connect with the Divine and change ourselves, says SADHVI BHAGAWATI SARASWATI Prayer plays a very deep and important role in our life, but the role is...

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post-Stay Healthy, Happy & ConnectedStay Healthy, Happy & Connected

While the global impact of Coronavirus is undeniably a horrendous tragedy, the greatest threat to our life, even today, is definitely not Covid. Last year millions of people in India died from air pollution and millions more from water pollution....

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