Sunday, October 24, 2021


Baturam Nayak, a postgraduate in economics, joined the banking sector in 1983 and retired in June 2020. He is a firm believer in simplicity and minimalism. “My faith is Oneness, एकत्वम्; that’s the way I would express myself and live in harmony with everything,” he says.

post-The Art & Science of SpiritualityThe Art & Science of Spirituality

Blending the art and science of spirituality into a wonderful alchemy of goodness is not easy, but try we must, says BATURAM NAYAK The concept of spirituality is a dynamic one. Being so deep and enigmatic, spirituality has captured the...

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post-God: Mighty Superstition or Powerful Reality?God: Mighty Superstition or Powerful Reality?

Does God really exist? BATURAM NAYAK narrates how he found the answer Does God exist? This is perhaps the most enigmatic metaphysical question since ages. Understanding this question is not only fascinating, but perplexing as well. I had a wonderful...

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post-How to Keep Our House in OrderHow to Keep Our House in Order

BATURAM NAYAK analyses what order is all about and gives us useful tips on applying the principle to our life Order! Order! Keep the house in order! So naturally all the disturbances settle down as such an order comes from...

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post-The Joy of Simple LivingThe Joy of Simple Living

Truth, beauty, peace, joy and justice become our friends, as we feel, think, and live a simple life, in harmony with our intrinsic nature and the universe’s natural order, says BATURAM NAYAK Human ingenuity springs up great wonders which finds...

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post-Experiencing DivinityExperiencing Divinity

We can make Divinity a here-and-now experience, making it descend down to earth in any vocation we are engaged in or in any act we carry out with sincerity, says BATURAM NAYAK This write-up is to share the concept of...

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post-Vanquishing Covid-19 At HomeVanquishing Covid-19 At Home

BATURAM NAYAK narrates how he along with his father, wife and daughter vanquished Covid-19 at home My 92-year-old father Shri Surendra Prasad was suffering from fever akin to flu for more than a week. Considering his age, I regularly interact...

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post-Insight: An Unending DelightInsight: An Unending Delight

One who can meticulously discover the meeting point of his head and heart can hope to open up the door of his soul, and aspire to be blessed with the power of insight, says BATURAM NAYAK It is said: “There’s...

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post-Relationship:  Deep, Rich & InfiniteRelationship: Deep, Rich & Infinite

Relationship is something which has to be revered, adored, honestly endorsed, and more than that, celebrated with a sense of ownership and accountability, says BATURAM NAYAK The connotation of the word ‘Relationship’ carries a deeper meaning than the surface sense...

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post-A Friendly PerspectiveA Friendly Perspective

The perspective that my friend lent me on one mystical night in a nondescript corner of the sprawling balcony of our college has remained in me alive as a guiding force for the rest of my life, says BATURAM NAYAK...

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