Monday, January 25, 2021


post-Sleep Like A BabySleep Like A Baby

Those with great faith, who are able to accept whatever comes and whatever goes and surrender everything into the hands of God, are usually able to sleep peacefully, like babies in the lap of the Mother, says DR ANITA DUGGAL...

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post-Patience: Pathway to PeacePatience: Pathway to Peace

Patience shows us the way to peace and boundless joy, says DR ANITA DUGGAL Patience (dhairya) is a rare virtue. It is now becoming rarer, as the virtue is being rapidly lost in our modern world. We live in a...

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post-How To Overcome AngerHow To Overcome Anger

Anger (krodh), is one of the six deadly enemies which lurks in the shadows of the mind, awaiting an opportune moment to spring up and raise its ugly head from the dark waters. It is a fearsome beast that can...

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