The writer, in a pensive mood wishes the lockdown to end, but wants the peace and beauty of nature to linger on

Juliet Alexander

With a cup of tea,

She sits in her garden admiring,

The palm trees swaying,

Counting the papayas ripening.

Silence all around,

Except for the birds chirping,

This should never end…

Thinking of the lockdown,

Her heart growing sad,


When will she see her son, next?

When will this end?

Then the birds chirp happily,

In her garden,

And her spirits are lifted…

She thinks, 

If there was no garden or plants

Only concrete walls surround 

She’d go crazy, 

Thanks god for his beautiful creations! 

She sits in the garden, 

Painting bottles, 

Watching her husband, 

Watering the plants, 

Earplugs in his ears, 

Listening to music… 

She tries to draw his attention, 

But he’s lost in his world… 

Calm and happy… 

Thanking god,

She prays to keep him so, always!

Watching the palm trees sway,

 Birds chirping,

She doesn’t want this ending.

Every morning, the news,

Broadcasts about…

People dying from Covid; 

Unemployment, migrant workers,

The crashing economy.

When will this end? 

Her mind angry, heart sad… 

 Go away COVID,

 Go away Lockdown!  

She looks out…

The bougainvilleas are blooming, 

 She smiles, COVID forgotten… 

Working in the kitchen, 

Listening to music,

It’s hot… 

Heat she cannot stand…

She steps into the garden, 

Harvesting the beans…

Oh the joy of eating from your own garden! 

All the heat forgotten, 

She returns to her cooking… 

Happy about her garden. 

Sitting on her couch, 

Watching her favorite program, 

Potted plants surrounding her, 

Lovingly, she looks at them,

Without them, home wouldn’t be the same!

Away with sadness, away madness,

Enjoying silence, 

Birds chirping, breeze blowing…

Enjoying these moments, 

While they last

Soon a thing of the past!

Wondering, to end or not to end?

Go away Lockdown,  

Stay silence, 

Birds chirping, 

Wind blowing, 

Wondering, will this ever happen?

Juliet Alexander heads a buying agency in Gurgaon. She loves gardening, music, dancing and painting. Her motto in life is to never give up