Saturday, January 16, 2021


Chana “Hana” Meddin is a lifelong meditator, nature photographer, artist, and wildlife advocate. She has written for the Times of India’s ‘Speaking Tree’ and has a story published in Oswald Pereira’s book, ‘How to Create Miracles in Our Daily Life.’ She lives in Seattle with her cat, Annabelle Fluff. They both enjoy yoga.

post-Let There Be LightLet There Be Light

Despite the pandemic, unemployment, food insecurity, racial and political strife, and grief, we do not stand apart from one other. In this year of disconnection, we have found a way to connect, says CHANA MEDDIN Seattle before the winter solstice is...

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post-Life is a Beautiful RideLife is a Beautiful Ride

The gift of living is breathtakingly miraculous and creation feels like one great vibration of love, says CHANA MEDDIN  Walking down the wide hall to my doctor’s office last week, I began feeling anxious. A second round of mammograms indicated...

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post-Only Love MattersOnly Love Matters

Tomorrow will be another day; whether it will be a good day or a bad day, doesn’t really matter. Only love matters, says CHANA MEDDIN October was Breast Cancer Awareness Month in the US. So I went for my mammogram...

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post-In Covid Times Loving Kindness For AllIn Covid Times Loving Kindness For All

It’s time to rise from our own ashes to wish Metta or loving-kindness for all, because the Covid-19 pandemic has spared no one, says CHANA MEDDIN By now you’d have to live under a rock in the U.S. not to...

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post-Hope Amidst the Presidential DebateHope Amidst the Presidential Debate

While expressing anguish over the lows of the US Presidential debate, CHANA MEDDIN thanks God for all the contributions India has made to the world and her life and sees hope return with the promise of yet another new day...

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post-Let Us Feel Another’s PainLet Us Feel Another’s Pain

Let us expand our spiritual prisms to include empathy and allow ourselves to feel, care, and be willing to sit with another’s pain, says CHANA MEDDIN Images of San Francisco waking up to unearthly, crimson-red skies this week looked straight...

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post-Hope and Triumph Amidst ChaosHope and Triumph Amidst Chaos

Amidst the chaos unleashed by the coronavirus, aggravated by political games, CHANA MEDDIN hears a song within, resonating in triumphant chords of hope and new beginnings I didn’t mean to do it. My friend asked for a haircut. Barber shops...

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