Thursday, January 20, 2022

Category: Practical Spirituality

post-Living Upright In Your SpineLiving Upright In Your Spine

We can achieve much in our life, if we learn to keep an upright spine, in all our waking hours, while sitting, standing or walking. With an upright spine, energy flows upwards from the base or root (muladhara) chakra towards...

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post-How to Create Miracles in Our Daily LifeHow to Create Miracles in Our Daily Life

All ideas, all thoughts, have their vibrations at their unique frequencies. A thought of anger has its own frequency, the properties of which are destructive for the individual, and a thought of peace or calm has its own beautiful frequency...

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post-Experience joy by transcending gender and sexual identitiesExperience joy by transcending gender and sexual identities

The heteronormative assumptions of our contemporary society idolise a binary gender identity and a heterosexual orientation often aligned with the person’s biological sex. These assumptions make it clear that if you are biologically a female, you must identify and behave...

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post-Give With All Your HeartGive With All Your Heart

People — ordinary, everyday people all over the world — willingly open their hearts and their wallets to fill up the donation boxes at thousands of shrines, mosques, temples and churches, day after day. A few of the world’s richest...

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post-Neither Success Nor Failure Lasts ForeverNeither Success Nor Failure Lasts Forever

In today’s competitive world, what’s the best path to success at the workplace?Sakama karma or self-centred action may seem to be practical for those aspiring to instantly beat the competition, but it may also end up to be a case of...

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